Peter and John Ministries was founded in 1948 by three Baltimore pastors with a heart for the city in which they lived and a desire to impact the lives of men, women, and children with the timeless truths of God’s word. Originally named the Peter, Paul and John Radio Fellowship, the ministry was renamed the Peter and John Radio Fellowship when Paul left the ministry in 1952, then renamed again in 2014 as the ministry evolved to become a family of ministries.

Peter and John began radio broadcasting first with a daily program. In 1964, the Fellowship purchased WRBS-FM, 95.1, a Baltimore radio station, and put the station on a full-time Christian format where it continues today as 95.1 SHINE-FM. In 2006, the Fellowship purchased 1230 on the AM dial to reach another segment of the Baltimore listening audience, and created WRBS-AM.

WRBS-AM still airs the original broadcasts of Peter & John each week at 7AM on Sundays

The other extension of Peter & John’s ministry, River Valley Ranch (RVR), began in 1952 with the purchase of the small town of Roller, Maryland. The tract of land was then converted into a western-themed summer camp, which has continued to grow and develop to this day, currently offering numerous programs throughout the year for all ages.

Read more about the remarkable story of Peter and John Ministries in the book, "A Risky Obedience" by Tom Bisset.